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Free Thought Corner

The Free Thought Corner is the place where art is proudly displayed. Poems to Short Stories are presented along with a brief bio of the writer. The contributors are not limited to the One Dove Ink Publishing family. This corner is melting pot and meeting place for similar minds.

Please take the time to enjoy the art of the pen. 

My Bride...My Pen

R. O. McCray

I fell for her as a child

Just a boy becoming a man

Wanting more than I was

She made me more than I could be

Feeling like a King in her presence

Respect, Loyalty, and Love is all she provides

Giving herself to a poor jester in the eyes of the world

Lifting me up towards the Heavens

She sees me as a blessing

For I see her as the same and so much more

God gave her to me

Now I can't spend a day without her

For my Queen gives me new life

Thank God for my bride

For she saves me from myself every day

Cheers to my dear love

Cheers to my saving grace

Cheers to my Ultimate Blessing from God

My Bride and My Queen

For I am in love with the Pen

Writing my life, my love, and my soul

My Pen is all I need

Tribute to My Brothers


By R. O. McCray

Proud Member of 

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Dedicated to my Brothers of Sigma and all my brothers of the World!

Brother to Brother

I will stand beside you in arms and peace

Fighting together to preserve the right

Then coming together to grow and teach others the blessings of life

Brother to Brother

I pray to give aid and blessings to you

I pray I never have to ask where you are

For when are weak or strong

I will share your load without hesitation

Brother to Brother

I extend my hand as an extension of you

I will guard your home from the perimeter

Until you return aiding your family like my own

Brother to Brother

Together we are one

Bonded by love of the heart

Forged by the assurance of the mind

Surrounded by peace of the soul

I am your brother

From Western Plains to Eastern Hills

I will be there

With our bond written on my heart

Brother to Brother

I will not leave you alone

For together we shall stand

Brothers forever bound

You are my brother

We Shall Never Part!

Love Collection

Love Thief

By R. O. McCray

You stole my eyes with your curves

Nothing is more perfect than your shape

You stole my mind with your voice

Soothing the beast inside of me

You stole my hands with your embrace

Touching living art and a miracle

You stole my heart with your soul

Raging like a fire, you consumed every part of me

Like everything else, you stole my every thought and dream

I see you everywhere

I hear your name

I even see your car

Everything reminds me of you

I am a fool for you

For everything you have stolen, I refuse to take back

I want, dream, and yearn for you to stay

This ain't healthy

For my heart is broken, my mind is hurt, and my soul is weak

You were once thought to be the cure

Sadly, you were just a thief in the night

For you took all I had left in life

You are the beautiful love thief.,


By R. O. McCray

Love is a pencil

Just a simple machine

But Performing complex works of life

Made from God's creations

It creates a way to speak the unspeakable

To say he words the heart cannot say

Its power alone can start new life

And end life with a few simple strokes

Just like a pencil

It can erase the mistakes of the past

To create space for new words and thoughts

Fixing mistakes of life while writing Life's never ending story

However just a pencil

It's too fragile to take for granted

Push too hard and suffer a broken tip with each stroke

Erase too many mistakes and ruin the beauty

And in the wrong hands...

It can snap into pieces

So take this pencil

And write your name upon my heart


By R. O. McCray

When she smiles

The World changes

The issues of my life fade away

My whole being is transformed

When She Speaks

The gates of Heaven open wide

Angels sing in perfect harmony

Peace falls on the Hellish storms

When she shares her thoughts

The knowledge of God and His Blessing are given

Worries that bind my mind are taken away

When she is there

Emptiness is gone and replaced with Joy

The pain of loneliness is healed

When she loves

It is timeless, fulfilling, complete, everlasting, enduring

It is my medicine and my sickness

It is new life made real

It is what she was created for

It is my reason to love her endlessly, forever.

Take a Walk

By R. O. McCray

Please my Queen, Take a walk with me

Let me get you alone so I may learn you

No fronting or acts, not just the best parts but all of you

I want to walk through the world around us

While everything passes us by,

I want you to be the only one I share this time with

Let us take a walk

Tell me how your heart works

Tell me about the ups and downs

Teach me everything about you

For as we walk on through our lives

You are the one I want to travel through life as one

As we walk together, show me your smile

Let this walk show you that your smile is all I want

Brighten up my life as we pass on through

Erase my stress as we erase your stress

Let me take a walk with you

Holding your hand and feeling not whole nor complete

For separate we are whole, but together we are a new being

Hold my hand like you hold my heart and mind

And I will hold your hand as I hold your soul

Gentle and respectful as the greatest treasure from God

Walk with me as we walk through each other's heart.

Get That Girl

By R. O. McCray

Searching for each other

Living life desiring true love

Praying that we would find one another fast

Prolonging our time with each prayer

Deemed to learn patience

Positioned to work on self

Healing and learning over and over

Just to get this one moment in time

Seeing you on this street, provoking a memory

Recognizing a perfect stranger

Unknown in this life, but introduced at creation

I realize my true mission and goal in life

There is no way I can depart without your name

Yes, I am crazy and gone mad

Because If I allow you to walk out of my life

The only place for me is a rubber room

The way I feel is true and real

This is our moment

Just give me a yes and your name

Just one yes to begin an endless list of yes

Yes, you are all I need

Yes, I am only for you

Yes, I want to spend forever loving you

Yes, this is our home

Yes, this is our wedding day

Yes, I take this woman and Yes, you take this man

Yes, I am your support and you are mine

Yes, you are my peace and I will give you Heaven on Earth

It is the moment that we have been waiting for

Love is a one time moment that can last forever

I am not walking away from this moment

Please God give me the strength and courage

I have to Get That Girl!

Lost in Your Eyes

By R. O. McCray

From the moment I first saw you

I became lost in your eyes

Just from your picture

I saw beauty

Just from your picture

I saw heaven

Your eyes capture my heart, mind, and soul

Yes, I am a hopeless romantic

But your eyes give me hope for love

Hope that I can be a new soul

Hope that renews and restores my mind

Hope that my heart can heal

Every time I see your face

I get lost in your eyes

For there is new life in your eyes

There is passion unknown in your eyes

My destination is always known

But never the path I will take

Finding my own path

I get to my destination

Looking into your eyes nothing matters

Looking into your eyes I am overwhelmed

Can't focus and can't see

For I am lost in the world

And I thank God that I am lost in your eyes

For I am finally where I want to be

Forever Lost In Your Eyes.

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