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Our Services

 Writer Publishing and Bookstore Distribution


For all writers and poets, we offer our services to assist in sharing your gift to the world. Offering Publishing Services and/or Self-Publishing Consulting. Each is determine through a one on one consultation. 

Bookstore Distribution

For published authors and publishers, One Dove Ink offers a virtual bookstore as another avenue to get your creations and dreams to the world. .


For those in need of just an editor, we offer our basic services at an affordable scale. 

  • $ 75 Essays
  • $80 Articles / Short Stories
  • $180 Novels up to 15 Chapters
  • $225 Novels 16 to 20 Chapters
  • $250 Novels 21 + Chapters

Poets Publishing

Writing is a wonderful and powerful gift. With that in mind we celebrate the poets. Offering a door, we publish personal poetry collections as well as special poetry project collection. Special Announcements and Contests Coming Soon.

Traditional Publishing

One Dove Ink does offer traditional Publishing Contracts. To be chosen, please contact us. Complete the New Author Submission on our Contact Page. Thank you for the opportunity to share your passion with the world.

Passion in Every Word, Excellence in Every Sentence.

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