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The One Dove Family

Behind The Scenes @ The Dove

Chief Passion Creator & Author

R.O. McCray

CPC / Author / Publisher / Editor

R.O. McCray is a poet and writer from Memphis, Tn. Writing since the age of seven, he has a deep love for telling stories and word play. A proud product of Shelby County Schools (then Memphis City Schools), he earned many opportunities to further his education. Choosing to grow in his hometown, he turned down Morehouse College to attend Christian Brothers University. Earning a degree in Business Management, he never gave up his love of writing. He writes to spread the missing element in life today... Passion. With the passion in his heart, he writes to share his craft and to enlighten minds. He writes works of fiction along with his poetry. He is a proud father and close to his family.​

One Dove Ink has been a dream since his years at Christian Brothers and Clark Atlanta University. Combining his gift and his many life lessons, R. O. hopes that his legacy is one of Passion, Entertainment, and Enlightenment. He lives by three words for life... God, Family, and Passion.

Other Written Titles by R.O. McCray

Sins of Luv  - Published under Kings and Queens Publications

Blue Passion - Published under Kings and Queens Publications 

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